6 ways how to tell if a pearl is real

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

It is only natural to worry about authenticity when purchasing pearls. How do you really know you are getting genuine pearls made by mother nature and not some cheap plastic or glass imitation made in a factory. Here are 6 easy ways to tell you are getting the real deal.

1. Real pearls have a gritty feel when you rub them together gently. Fake pearls will

feel smooth and slippery.

2. Real pearls made by nature will always have imperfections, if a pearl looks perfect it is usually always a fake.

3. Real pearls will feel much heavier than they look, even a small necklace will easily weigh 2 to 3 hundred grams

4. Real pearls will feel cold to the touch, even in a heated room they will maintain a cool temperature until they have been worn next to your skin for a few minutes.

5. Real pearls will be laced with silk ribbon and bear a small knot between each pearl to prevent loss if your necklace were ever to break.

6. Real pearls have deep over and undertones displaying different colours in different lighting. Like an inner glow radiating from within. Fake pearls look dull and flat.

pearl necklace
Pearl necklace glowing from within

Bonus tip: The tooth test. Always best to ask in advance about this one, if it is acceptable to the owner of the pearls then you can also feel the gritty friction made by a real pearl by gently rubbing the pearl against your teeth. If it feels like a fine grade sandpaper then you have yourself a precious gemstone. If it feels smooth and slippery it is time to hand it back and walk away.

Thank you for reading, I wish you many years of happiness with your new pearls.

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