6 ways to determine pearl quality

Pearl Quality

Pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. These factors are important to determine pearl gemstone quality, here are 6 examples used by professionals in the precious gemstone industry:

1. Size

Non round, round and near-round pearls are measured by diameter in millimeters. One millimeter is 1/10 of a centimeter. Larger baroque pearls are measured by Depth and Diameter. No matter the shape, a larger pearl is always more valuable.

2. Shape

There are three categories of pearl shape, spherical, symmetrical, and asymmetrical. Baroque Pearls come in six shapes: near-round, button, drop, oval, semi-baroque, and baroque.

3. Colour

Pearls colour is determined by three components: The overall colour of the pearl, overtone-the translucent colours that shine over the surface of the pearl and orient-the iridescent glow below the pearls surface.

4. Luster

Luster is the light reflected from a pearls surface. Luster is what gives the pearl its irresistible beauty. Pearls with excellent luster have bright surface reflections displaying many different colours.

5. Surface

All Natural and Cultured Pearls have blemishes and marks on the surface. Surface characteristics are judged by their size, quantity and location. If surface characteristics are many or severe it can affect the value of the pearl. Clean, lightly blemished Pearls fetch the highest prices. While moderately and heavily blemished pearls generally fetch lower prices. Baroque pearls are increasing in value due to their use by the fashion icons of late.

6. Nacre Quality

Nacre is the many layers of substance that makes up a pearl. Quality and thickness are important when evaluating nacre quality, to ensure that pearls are durable as well as beautiful. A well cared for quality pearl is an investment that will last for centuries.

So there you are, the 6 main measures of pearl quality. Although, it does not always take a professional eye to spot a good quality pearl. When the allure of real pearl catches your eye, somehow, you just know.

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